News & Notes for September 29, 2019

Voters Meeting - will be on October 13th at 12:30 p.m.  A sub sandwich lunch will be provided between Bible Class and the meeting.  A free will offering will be taken to cover the cost.    The meeting is our first budget meeting and we will discussion sale of the parsonage. 

Weeknight Study:  join us on Tuesday Evenings at 7pm, Pastor will continue the study on Mormonism. All are welcome to attend.  Invite a friend!

Sunday School Notes – In today’s lesson, “A Call to Action,” Abram responds to God’s calling as he leaves his idolatry and homeland to follow the one true God. Abram takes his wife, Sarai, and nephew Lot as they journey to the land of Canaan. The Lord’s appearance prompts Abram to build an altar, celebrating God’s promise to give this land to his descendants. Discuss how God guides and leads us by His Word today.

Trunk or Treat – will be held on October 27.  Please consider helping in some way.  Candy donations are needed and can be dropped in the box under the table by the water fountain at any time.  Also join in on the fun and participate by decorating your trunk or you can even help without decorating it.  The kitchen needs help also.  There will be a sign-up sheet.  We also need 2 people to volunteer to watch the bounce house in the gym.    

Golden Opportunities Book - it is that time of year.  If you are interested in purchasing a Golden Opportunities 2020 Book, please see Mary.  G.R.A.C.E. will be selling them for $25 dollars and the youth group will make $7 from each book.  This is a great way to help support the Youth Group.  They will be delivered the second week in October, so I need to know by October 6th if you want one.