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February 2, 2020

Finance Board – Statements are ready for pick up and are located on the table by the water fountain.  All 2019 statements that are not picked up today will be mailed out, so please help by picking yours up today. 

Member Information – since a new picture directory is being published, we are trying to make sure we have all the correct information for you and your family.  If you where not able to get your picture taken please stop by the table today and verify you address, phone numbers and email.  Thank You

Trinity’s New Mission:  Food Pantry items needed: canned fruit, breakfast cereals, oatmeal, pancake mixes.  Please drop items off in the Parish Hall over the next several weeks.

Weeknight Bible Study - meets on Tuesday evenings at 7PM. The topic will Politics and Religion. 

Fellowship Coffee Breakfast There is Fellowship Coffee Breakfast each week please join us at 8:30 am.  There is coffee in between service and Sunday School.  There is a sign-up sheet if you would like to sponsor a week or join in with your friends and sponsor a week. 

Dart Ball Tournament – Thank you to everyone who donated desserts and their time. Great success!!!!

Sunday School Notes – This week in our Christian education time, we discuss “Claimed and Tested.” At Jesus’ Baptism in the Jordan River, the heavens open, the Spirit descends, and the Father speaks: “You are My beloved Son” (Luke 3:22). Jesus goes from the waters of Baptism to the wilderness, where He faces a series of temptations from the devil. Jesus resists each one as He speaks the truth of God’s Word against the lies of Satan. Ask one another, “How can we use God’s Word as we defend our faith?”

Next month’s Night Out - will be at Texas Roadhouse 2070 Calumet Avenue, Dyer, IN on Wednesday, February 19th from 4:00 p.m. to 10 p.m.  Hope to see you there.  Help support the School Fund while eating.

Group Pictures – will be taken on Sunday, February 16th after service right before Bible Class.   There are a few groups being done on different days which are also noted. Please make sure you can be here to get in the different group pictures.  There is an enclosed list to let you know when these pictures will be taken. If I have left off anyone off please forgive me and show up for that groups picture. 

Sunday School – M. Schoop, C. Rehtorik, T. Gifford, L. Myers                           

Youth Leaders – E. & M. Schoop

Dorcas – B. Basick, J. Collins, G. Harder, P. Madderom, N. Mihich, L. Myers, C. Miller,                          L. Paschen, J. Reddel, D. Schmidt, M. Schoop 

Newsletter/Office Help – G. Frederick, N. Mihich, C. MillerD. Petroff, J. Reddel,                                                                 M. Schoop

Social Ministry Team – C. Boudi, J. Collins, J. Reddel, D. Schmidt, M. Schoop,                                                                    R. Hunter

Church Council – C. Schmidt, R. Hunter, J. Frederick, V. Frederick, J. Paschen,                                                        T. Milan, M. Schoop

Choir – J. Collins, K. Gumz, C. Miller, E. Schoop

Ushers – A. Boudi, J. Frederick, R. Kottka, J. Meincke, M. Mihich, T. Milan, T. Milan,                           J. Paschen, D. Petroff, A. Schmidt, C. Schmidt, C. Schoop

Altar Guild – K. Gumz, S. Klitzke, N. Mihich, B. Szala

Elders – K Madderom, J. Meincke, T. Milan, C. Schmidt, E. Schoop

Trustees – D. Fanno, J. Mihich, J. Paschen, D. Petroff

Acolyte – A. Boudi, O. Gifford, C. Schoop

Welfare Committee – N. Mihich, C. Schmidt

Finance Board – J. Collins, C. Miller, K. Madderom

                                Group Pictures taken on different dates noted

Braille Workers – time to be determined.

Quilters (February 4 @ 10 am) – G. Frederick, R. Eggebrecht, J. Collins, G. Harder, D. Cochran

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